Hello world!


My Camp in Chippawa Bay. I love the water and how peaceful the sunset is.


I absolutely love hockey! I want to coach hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and softball.


Number 3 ❤


This is my nephew Jacob who is 4 now. I teach him how to play hockey and skate. He loves to “body check.” Jake has a mouth and speaks so clear and has a vocabulary higher then the kids in his preschool.  He gets really cranky but that’s what 4 years old do. Talking back to us is starting to get annoying. Jake is so easy to babysit because he is so low maintenance who won’t get into trouble and just play with his toys and asks for us to read books to him.


This is my other nephew Brody. He is  a one year old who looks like he could be 3 years old. I like reading to him and he loves books. I gave him a small wooden hockey stick for his first Christmas and since, he religiously wakes up and gets the stick to play with before eating. He fights with Jacob for it all the time.


My siblings and nepwhews at Brody’s baptism.

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